10+ Easy and Cheap Halloween Decorations for Your American Home

One way to enjoy Halloween this year is to have cheap Halloween decorations at home.  You can decorate your American home from spooky to stylish atmosphere using pumpkins by following these carving patterns that could turn your home into spooky this holiday.

Get some cheap Halloween decoration ideas through carving.  There are many ideas when it comes to decorating your home with pumpkins and mostly involve a knife.  There is nothing exciting and beautiful like jack-o-lantern filled with light that could put a finishing touch to your Halloween decorations.  The following are different pumpkin carvings that you can do to decorate your home this holiday;

Carving #1 – Winkling Pumpkin

A winkling pumpkin carving can bring out LOL to your friends with its emoticon-friendly facial appearance.  And the best of all, this pumpkin pattern is very simple to do that even kids can.

Carving #2 – Wacky Pumpkin

A goofy appearance is good. However, this pumpkin with a wacky face is easy to carve that you can request kids to carve it for you.

Carving #3 – Cat Whisker Pumpkin

The cat whisker pumpkin is cute to look at and is not hard to create in the comfort of your home.  If the skills of your carving knife are not good for this job, then it is easy to skip it.

Carving #4 – Casper Pumpkin – the Friendly Ghost

Pumpkins carved like Casper are not too frightful for the little ones because they are mostly curved in lines to make it very easy for the pumpkin carving beginners.

Carving #5 – Starry Night Pumpkin

This carving is unique that gives a twinkling night scene so different from other Jack.  You can mix the carvings with stars and a quarter-moon to have the flattest pumpkin ever.

Carving #6 – Hissing Cat Pumpkin

This kind of pumpkin carving needs expertise and steady carving knife to be sure the tail and feet of the cat do not separate from its base.  In case to slip on it, you can use a toothpick to attach it altogether.

Carving #7 – Tombstones Pumpkin

The tombstone carved in a pumpkin can create a spooky decoration at home. However, it can make a jack-o-lantern creepier.

Carving #8 – Lopsided Grin Pumpkin

When carving the teeth and eyes you have to watch out for its template.  The circles and the squares are tricky if the knife you are using is large, so be mindful.  Better switch to a smaller blade knife to make your work detailed.

Carving #9 – Dare Devil Pumpkin

This is a kind of carving template that is ideal for professionals.  You need to be an expert in carving the designs.  Use sharp, thin blade of knife to trim those curls.

Carving #10 – Scary Face Pumpkin

The template for the Jack-o-lantern is considered classic.  However, part of this carving is devilish and the other is genius evil.

Carving #11 – Creepy Owl Pumpkin

You can carve an owl in huge pumpkin this Halloween.  This is one way to create a different jack o’ lantern this season.  However, you need a wide image stencil to do this.

Carving #12 – Death’s Head Pumpkin

Start carving with its quirky eyebrows.  Then go down to the face to make your carving easier.  The nose is designed triangular and carve the mouth widely open.

These designs can make Halloween season full of scary fun and you can use these pumpkins to decorate every area of your home.

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