11 House Maintenance Tips For Winter

Now that the fall is here, this is the best time to prepare for the cold weather. Doing a house maintenance checklist can put everything in place. In fact, there are lots of house maintenance tips that can help protect investment and lower utility bills.

1. Tune Up The Heating System

Tune up home’s heating system by calling a technician to make sure in good condition and clean. Remember, a good heating system meet the manufacturer’s rated efficiency. and the most important thing is it measures the leakage of the carbon monoxide.

2. Reverse Ceiling Fans

Today, most ceiling fans has a reverse button. By turning the heating system, the blades of the fan move in clockwise direction. According to study, the fan produce heated air into the room because the hot air increases.

This can be helpful if the rooms have high ceilings – you do not need to lower your thermostat to save energy.

3. Examine The Roof

Use binoculars when checking the roof. Look closely for the broken or missing shingles that could lead to leak during snow melting and winter storm.

4. Caulk Windows And Doors

According to experts, if you see gaps between the door frames or windows and the sliding which is bigger than the nickel, you need exterior caulking. In fact silicone caulk is best for exterior use because it does not shrink.

5. Clean Gutters

If the gutters are loaded of dried leaves, water will stay and can damage the siding, roofing, and also wood trim. additionally, can cause ice dams and leaks.
6. Get Downspout Extension

It is best to have an additional downspout extension so that rain water will run 3-4 feet away from the house foundation according to experts.

7. Switch Off Exterior Faucets

If there is undrained water in pipes, this can cause freezing during winter that can lead to pipe burst due to ice expansion. You can avoid this to happen if you disconnect all the garden hoses and also drain the water that stocks in the faucets.

8. Drain The Lawn Irrigation System

Draining of the lawn irrigation system is not an easy job. You need help from a professional to perform the job. The sprinkler service will be charging around $50-$150 but this depends on the system’s size. Draining of the water pipes and sprinkling pipes can help avoid leaks and freezing this winter season.

9. Stow Lawn Mower

Because of staying longer for the whole winter outside, the engine of the lawn mower will decompose that can varnish the carburetor and difficulty when starting the engine. It is important to full the engine tank and start the engine every day.

10. Prune Shrubs And Trees On Late Winter

After the leaves fall, you may tempted to get your powerful pruning sheer. But according to the advice of the horticulturalists, you have to wait until the late winter to prune the plants.

11. Clean The Chimney

Before burning the log, be sure to clean first your chimney and make some good repair. This idea can prevent creeping of carbon monoxide to your home and chimney fires.

These house maintenance tips this winter can help protect your home from various harm.

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