8 Great Weapons to Make Bathroom Eco-Friendly

The easy way to save some dollars, eliminating chemical risks and conserve water is greening the bathroom.  This can make bathroom Eco-friendly. The bathroom products that are bought in stores can usually leave harmful residue on the surfaces and tiles. The wasteful and water-guzzling toilets can lower down impressions of the wallet. In this way, greening the bathroom can be creative and fun DIY repair ideas.

To convert the bathroom into an Eco-friendly refuge, you have to include these organic, natural and water-conserving decor ideas. In case you select a total bathroom overhaul, the help of bathroom Renovation Company is useful in the transformation of the appliances into an energy efficient one.

The following are eight secret weapons to make the bathroom Eco-friendly;

  • Transform your bathroom into water-efficient

Mostly, 30% of water consumption in every home comes from the toilet or perhaps a bathroom. Even though newly built homes today are installed with low-flow toilets but older toilets still use more than 8 gallons of water in every flush.

In spite of a shaky start, the technology of the low-flow toilet has already practiced in the previous years. The weak flushing capabilities have transformed into a rapid and dual-flush options for both solid and liquid waste. If the toilet is old already, replace it with water-efficient in order to minimize the water consumption and can lower water bills every month.

  • Apply Eco-friendly mold-fighting solutions

The considered evil bathroom plagues irritant is the mold. However, it is easy to eliminate but in case it is left untreated, it will lead into severe health risk. To prevent mold in the bathroom, make use of natural mold killers instead of the toxic cleaning agents that could harm the family.
As a preventive measure, spray the bathroom regularly with these natural mold killers like lavender oil and water, tea tree and white vinegar.  One way also to keep away mold to build-up is to make natural bathroom ventilation. The use of hot water, soap, and baking soda can only deal with existing mold.

  • Use baking soda for long-lasting cleaning

Even though baking soda is abrasive cleaning agents, but this does not contain harmful additives. In case you have problems with hard to get mold in the bathroom, baking soda can be an acceptable Eco-friendly choice.

Baking soda is effective in cleaning the bathroom when mixed with water, few drops of essential oil, and liquid soap. This cleaning paste can be used effectively to clean most bacteria filled bathroom. However, you need to dispose the remaining mixture to prevent reaction.

  • Install low-flow shower head

By installing a low – flow shower head, this can help reduce water bills and can make the toilet water-efficient. However, this could not satisfy in your shower needs. Before, old shower heads dispensed between five to eight gallons of water in one minute. However today, the modern shower heads deliver only 2.5 gallons of water. Although, people can save using new low-flow shower heads but there are still some who are using old shower head in the bathroom.

  • Use natural shower curtains

An effective way to make the bathroom green is to hang organic and natural shower curtain. According to recent study conducted by the U.S. Center for Health, Environment and Justice, it was found out that shower curtains made of plastic materials could release harmful materials in the bathroom.

However, despite from the health risks that these plastic shower curtains bring, they are still available around. For safer option, buy shower curtains made from hemp or linen and organic cotton.

  • Use recycled toilet paper

Toilet paper made from disposable products can help the bathroom greener. According to study, if all U.S household will replace their virgin fiber toilet tissue with Eco-friendly materials, this could save one million trees in one year.

  • Use Eco-friendly and organic bathroom products

The old cleanser used by your grandfather long ago includes white vinegar and water. They actually work in the bathroom. This can also make windows and mirror in a streak-free condition without the harmful ingredients found from other cleaners. However, to widen your Eco-friendly knowledge, use Shea butter as replacement for moisturizers. Use razors with disposable heads and organic shampoo without preservative contents.

  • Install fluorescent lighting

To successfully conserve electricity, transform the bathroom into an Eco-friendly way by replacing the light bulbs with fluorescent ones.  The fluorescent bulbs can stay around twenty to thirty times longer compared to incandescent bulbs.

By applying all the great weapons in your bathroom, you can help global warming.

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