Advantages and Disadvantages of 1st Time Home Buyer Loans

Are you amazed of those beautiful houses around you? Don’t worry in less time, you can also avail a house as beautiful as that.  Living in San Diego, California, is fun if you have a house of your own. To help you get a new house in San Diego, the 1st time home buyer loans permit and help the buyers to avail their chosen home easily and without much worries. However, this does not mean that you can use this when purchasing a house although you are a first time home buyer. You have to bear in mind that there are many restrictions regarding the program as well as strings attached. Although this is perfect for some people, but this is considered a wrong choice for some.

Buying home for the first time is a big deal because this takes energy, time and the most important is money. To avoid money problems when buying a home, most people make use of 1st time home buyer loans. However, these programs differ depending on what they offer. In general, the program gives financial assistance to the qualified borrower.  The program function by allowing a low down payment, subsidize all the costs of the interest, offer grants, limit fees, and forgive loans.

To avail the benefits of the 1st time home buyer loans, you have to do some research if you are qualified or not. There are programs like this in your locality. You can ask about it or perhaps, you can browse the Internet to find them.
Who Is Qualified?

If you do not have a house, you have a chance that you can avail the program. Generally, the program provides a loan to first time home buyers and to people who haven’t found any home in the last 3 years. You need to check what is available and suited for you.
There are some restrictions before you can avail the program. The program limits the benefits for people with a low or perhaps moderate income.

However, if you have high earnings, you are not as well qualified to avail the program.


Most 1st time home buyer loans have a dollar limitation when it comes to buying a property. You cannot use the program to buy for the most expensive house in the US. This can be silly in fact. Instead, you can avail the program on the properties with the lower spectrum. You have to put in mind that the program is for people who are in need.

Homeowners shall also make their home as their main residence. If you want that place to be rented, this is not applicable and the best is not to get this kind of loan. The home must meet your physical requirements like in good condition and have a safer place.

For some people who are first timers to buy a house, this can help a lot. The program opens a new hope for the home ownership. This is advantageous for people who cannot afford to buy a new home. However for some people, this is not a good choice for them because the home has a lower value and this is not the type of home that they are dreaming of. When it comes to resale someday, you will lose the benefits that are provided by the program and homeowners should pay for the recapture tax.

Even though there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to 1st time home buyer loans, many people are still convinced and they considered the program as beneficial regardless of the downside.

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