Advice To Make Your Home Safer For Your Toddler

As a baby starts to crawl and then walk they become more independent and can move around the house by themselves. This places them in dangerous situations on a regular basis as sharp corners, stairs and everyday appliances threaten their safety. The Child Accident Prevention Trust estimated that approximately one million children are injured at home every year with burns, cuts and poisoning being the most common ailments. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your home is as safe as it can be for your child as it grows up. The advice below is intended to make any house safer for a crawling, waddling or walking child.

Babies and toddlers are keen explorers and they like to discover every part of their home by crawling through the different rooms. This means that they move through doorways several times a day. Door edge protectors will not only protect the door from everyday damage, but will also eliminate the possibility for your child to be grazed or cut by splinters and sharp corners. You can also fix a door stop onto the doors so that little fingers and toes can’t get trapped in them.

Burns are a common injury among children as mentioned previously. The bedroom and kitchen are the most common places that burns occur. When cooking, keep your child away from the oven door and always try to use the back rings on the hob if possible. Hair straightening appliances should be kept out of the reach of children until they have cooled down completely. Never let a child near a naked flame and use a fire guard on all types of fires.

Children put anything in their mouths without knowing if it is good or bad for them. This is a problem in the home as there are things left lying about that a child may put in their mouth, what they find under the sofa or in bottles. Make sure that anything which could harm your child is kept in a child-proof container or out of reach. Poisonous substances can kill children, even everyday household products, so make sure there is no opportunity for a child to get their hands on anything dangerous.

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