Affordable Housing Program in US

Affordable housing in the US defined by the US government as a kind of housing that used at least 30% of the income of every household. Right now, the number of people is growing in the US that does not have this affordable housing program.

In New York City, housing program is mostly the main topic of the study. Until now, there is no catalog about the housing program that is used to regulate, build, and to subsidize affordable housing in the city. The New York City Affordable Housing Program still seeking to fill up that negated and give resource to many researchers, practitioners, and policy makers who implement, develop, and research the subsidized affordable housing program.

Actually, there are various techniques that are employed by the officials in order to create and to preserve the housing program suited for individuals who are qualified. The researchers as well as the policy makers believe that in any area, including New York City can also avail great deals through housing program studies. There are new catalogs that provide new housing program designs and used incredible techniques that everyone can adapt.

Why Is It A Concern Today?

For the rich and in the middle class Americans, this housing is a big issue. Homeowners don’t think much about renting an apt or condo.  However, those renters who are comfortable living with their life style do not want to make ends meet. It is just natural for these people to be concerned about the issues which they consider as immediate and can affect them personally. The issues of affordable housing are not qualified on their behalf.

However, there are many reasons that one should be concerned regarding the program. In some individuals, they believe that everybody can afford to have a decent home to live. This situation mostly embraces during prosperity time and when the gap of income between rich and poor people seems increasing.

Another reason is the social values. The communities without affordable housing will become uniformed or the same way of living. Lots of people want to live uniformly in the communities. However, other people want to live in the community that supports diversity. Having an affordable housing contributes to satisfaction and richness.


Even though there is an economic prosperity in most of the American people, but the affordable housing is still insufficient. The number of affordable rental units is decreased by at least 5 percent in the year 1991 and in 1997. In the past 1990, the need for housing is totally increasing in the minority households. Those families who are poor and live in the urban are the most affected.

The affordable housing program is not just only an obliged concern for poor people.  Some people who are rich and can afford to buy a decent home also realize that the housing cost is a problem due to high costs of the property. Today, the need of the affordable housing programs in the US like in New York City is an important concern in any kind of economic level.

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