Why Americans are Tapping Into Home Equity Lines of Credit

Today, nearly eleven million American borrowers are drowned on mortgages.  Owing an amount more than the value of their property are significant as said by CoreLogic.  And with this, home equity lines of credit are rising again.

During the housing explosion in the last few years, Americans withdraw more than one trillion US dollars in terms of home equity alone.  This is done by means of cash-out refinance, home equity mortgages, and of course home equity lines of credit.  Lately, it allows them to use the property similar to ATM like spending the cash on expensive cars, vacations, televisions, and upgrading their homes in a fancy manner.   This can be seem an endless equity till it was gone.

According to Brad Blackwell, the prices of homes can be a great factor when it comes to the latest rise of home equity lines of credit.  Brad Blackwell is an executive of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.  Additionally, as home equity lines of credit increases, people especially Americans have available equity.

He also agreed  to increase the confidence of the consumers – meaning, the borrowers have confidence to pay their loans.  These factors fueled at least 19% of home equity lines of credit last year, as told by Equifax.  In year 2008, there was a crash in housing, the home equity line dropped around 55%.

According to the spokesperson of JPMorgan Chase, they have seen nationally an increase of 31% in HELOC’s compared to some previous years.  With prices of homes that increased every year, according to a survey of CoreLogic, most homeowners are tapping  into home equity.  In fact, almost 1.4 million American borrowers recovered in terms of their loans.

According to the editor of the Inside Mortgage Finance named Guy Cecala, most of the existing home equity line mortgages are prudent.  It is known that plenty of home equity  mostly underwritten.  However, it is very early to state exactly what borrowers spend on cash,  the subjective evidence reveals that borrowers are drowning the cash back to their properties.

Blackwell said, they are seeing more uses today like education expenses, home renovations, and other important expenses that are responsible for the home equity of the customers.  The home equity lines of credit average in the year 2012  was under ninety thousand dollars as compared to the year 2006 when the average lines are more than $100,000 as said by Equifax.

Regardless of the surge, there is still a decrease in the volume of that housing boom.   In the previous year, borrowers took out 7.2 billion dollars in terms of home equity lines of credit as compared to more than 28 billion dollars in the year 2006.

It is expected that the numbers will increase this year and not because of the rise in home prices but due to the rise of the interest rates.  Due to the higher rates, American borrowers won’t give up the fixed rates to perform the cash-out refinances but instead preferred home equity lines of credit.

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