Area Rug Shopping Ideas

Area rugs are decorative pieces that can tie a room together and that really can function seamlessly with any kind of furniture as long as the pattern is chosen correctly. Area rugs are not only a decorative piece but also a practical and usable item for your room. Sometimes people can use decorative Modern furniture as way to cover up stubborn carpet stains or as a soft spot to sit on a cold hardwood floor. Rugs can protect your expensive hardwood floors from being scuffed by modern furniture pieces made of metal or your pet’s sharp claws.

Some people will go straight to the store and purchase a rug without visualizing beforehand what kind of rug the room will need. There are several points to consider including the shape of the rug, its length, color, pattern and where exactly it will go in the room.Most people believe that the rug should be placed under the Modern coffee table, but really the area rug is meant to emphasize the focus of the room. You have to consider what you want the focus to be, whether it is a favorite piece of Area rugs emphasized with a small rug or an entire area of the room.

Other factors that you will need to consider include the traffic that will encounter the area rug. A rug with no pattern or a simply pattern with no density will show signs of traffic more obviously and therefore needs more care and maintenance. When you place your rug in an area that has a lot of traffic, a plain or simple-patterned rug will show the foot traffic more obviously than a rug with a complicated pattern

Of course the color and the pattern of your rug has to match the room that it is meant for, but you also need to consider the texture of your rug. Your rug shouldn’t be competing with the furniture for attention nor should it match the furniture. Sisal and jute are good fibers for hardwood floors rather than carpets, for example. When it comes to color, you may think that matching the color to the room is good enough Remember that lighter colors make the room seem larger and are ideal for smaller rooms. For larger rooms, darker colors are better because they seem to take up more space.

Once you have an idea what kind of rug you need to emphasize your room, there are many, many different rugs available to suit your needs Make some decisions about the placement of your rug before you head off into the mall to find one or you may make some common mistakes and the rug will look awkward in the room.

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