Best Backup Strategies for Home

Backup means acquiring a copy of your stored data somewhere. You need to have 2 stored copies so that when one copy got problems, there is still another left to be used. Data backup is a very important aspect when it comes to computer security. Another means to lose data is via disaster. Disasters are unavoidable and will strike anytime. So, it is important to have the best backup strategies for home.

Storing family photographs, important documents, and videos on your computer at home is very important. However, sometimes hard drive crash and unexpected disaster happen. Without a backup of your important documents and data means losing them forever.  It is hard to lose important documents so it is recommended to have the best backup strategies for home.  Here’s how;

  • Separate Applications and data

To speed up the backup strategies, it is best to have another hard drive, or maybe a separate partition for the data. If there are catastrophic events, that lead to completely lose all the data, the program and the operating system of the computer can be installed immediately. The other hard drive will preserve the data in case the hard drive of the operating system fails to function. Having a separate partition can contribute to make the backup data organize and simpler to reinstall without harming the preserve data.

To make separate partitions, you have to install Windows or perhaps Partition Magic – a kind of software application that is powerful to create another partition for your backup files. After creating the partitions for your data, save the data on that partition. However, install the software in the operating system.

  • Disk image

There are a lot of ways to backup the data. Another is to make a disk image. This is a kind of file that has an exact imitation of your partitions or discs. This is held on the hard drive or perhaps in a removable media. You need software called Norton Ghost to make an image. The disk has not only allowed you to make a single image on disk but some allow you to make backup schedules.

  • Removable Media/External Hard Drive

In case you have certain directories that need backups, and the files fit on 1 or perhaps 2 CDs/DVDs, you can utilize removable media as the backup solution. In fact, the procedure is not automated, so you need to make a backup regularly.

If you’re using the backup partition or may be external hard drive, you can use software solutions like NTBackup, and more. This schedules your daily, weekly, or monthly backups and then specifies which documents or folders to backup.

  • Online backup

The mentioned backups above are fine in case there is a failure in hard drive. However, in case there is fire, flood, and other natural calamities, it is important to have a copy of the files or documents at home.  If your copy is in CDs or DVDs, have another copy in some other location.

To have a more secured off-site solution, opt for online backup services like Mozy and Skydrive. With these online backups, you can access your files anywhere in the world without worrying what will happen. However, there are sites where you need to pay for their backup services but your files are secured anyway. By simply downloading you can already backup your files in a simple way. The copies are stored in a specific amount of time to have many versions to select when you need them to recover.

How often you should backup your files?

If you are working every day on your documents, you need to backup each day. If you accidentally delete the files you are working or perhaps the program crashes, you must be ready where you can immediately recover the files in one click of a button. Opt for the impressive backup that you can easily copy, open, and lock the files for easy working.

It is very important to have a backup of your files at home and with the help of the above information, losing your files and documents are not a big issue anymore.

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