Cheap Small Garden Design Ideas to Follow

Short of garden space? This is not a problem anyway. Make a perfect charming get away using these contemporary cheap small garden design ideas. Whether you have got a limited garden space or a patio, you can create a most appealing outdoor space without blowing much of your budget. Here are the ideas to follow;

1.    Examine your options

Even though landscapes can be considered as beautiful but can kill one’s budget. Those items such as arbors, gazebos, decks, and patios cost a lot of dollars than you might think. However, thousands of sophisticated landscapes used recycled materials just to make the garden beautiful without spending too much. The inexpensive alternatives to pricey pavers and brand new materials are the bricks, woods, and broken concretes or even tiles.

2.    Ask friends for perennial plants

You don’t need to buy perennial plants. Visit your friends and asks for these plants. With this idea, you can save some cash instead of running to the nearby garden stores to find these plants. Think about propagating and dividing your existing plants. A lot of plants around can be propagated or divided instead of buying new.

If you purchase plants, don’t buy at the start of the season. The best season to buy and plant is during fall. Plant it on the decorative container and make sure that the roots are in good condition.  Then, you will see that the plant next spring looks good and healthy.

3.    Consider planting in groups

Don’t just plant them in three but plants in twenty or more. This kind of planting signifies daily maintenance and let them grow in a natural environment.  If you see a friend pulling out her overgrown plants, claim them from her. Divide them in small plants but make sure that you divide them carefully and the roots are connected. Plant each division in few inches apart. In a year, you will notice how beautiful the garden in the front of your home.

4.    Buy big pots

Go for large pots instead of the smaller ones. However, big pots can blow your pocket at around $100 compared to small pots but there are lots of plants you can grow in them. Opting in small pots carries hard maintenance and does not look good in outdoors.  Remember, you are decorating your outdoor and not the indoor. Find dozens of big decorative pots but remember, your focus here is how to grow the plant and not the appearance of the pots!

In case you do not possess a green thumb, use plants that can stand during the hot season in which you do not need to water them frequently. The best choices are alums, artemisias, thyme, Heucheras, and Sedums. However, if you believe that you have a green thumb; several annual plants in selected pots can enhance the summer splash of shade. The petunias planted on 24” pot can add beauty to the garden.

•    Plant trees

Aside from the flowers, plant trees. In your garden or landscape, it is important to have trees.  If you love shade trees, opt for oaks, maple, and sycamores. Avoid trees like elms and birches because they grow fast and shortly live.

•    Install light

Now, that your garden is almost ready, it is time to install light that could illuminate the whole area especially at night. It is best to stay late at night in the garden where there is a dim bulb surrounding the area. Choose colored bulbs to make the garden romantic and suited for relaxation purposes.

By following these techniques, cheap garden design ideas is easy to reach!

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