Colorado Gardening Tips – How to Plant Shrub Roses

“If love were what the rose is, and I were like the leaf, our lives would grow together in sad or singing weather.” – Algernon Swinburne

So, if you love the quotation above, why not grow roses? Planting shrub roses can be fun. According to Society of American Florists, the peak holiday to sale fresh flowers is during Valentine’s Day.  During this time, there are millions of beautiful roses sold in the market especially in the previous years.

However, people are afraid to grow roses in their garden. Some said they are too difficult to grow. Others do not have the time to spend several hours of tending them and simply said, they won’t grow in their garden. In this case, although there are lots of feed backs, but the only answer is that; you can grow beautiful roses anytime and anywhere!

Growing roses in your home garden is not hard. Some people experience that planting these flowers can be easier compared than planting grass for your landscape. However, you could not go barefoot in your rose garden because of their thorns but they can give you bunch of beautiful flowers and sweet fragrances.  In fact, bringing a bouquet of your home grown roses in your office once a week could generate an amount of envy of co-employees.

The best time to bring these flowers in your office is during the summer and a perfect time to deeply breathe their luscious scents especially if they are blooming. You can also preserve them by placing it inside your book and the preserved dried roses can be full of memories untold.

Any difficulties in growing them cannot be a problem in Denver, Colorado residents. If I can grow roses, why can’t you? Anybody can plant them beautifully!

There are no special tricks in growing roses. Just familiarize your landscape, the weather, and your willingness to do. Shrub roses are considered diverse plants that do not really fit into other categories of roses. The modern shrubs right now are very well known because they bloom in a long season, resistance in pest, and versatile in the landscape.

During winter season, you need to mound the soil to protect them from thawing and freezing to make sure the parts in the upper ground will not die because of cold temperature. Although shrub roses are considered diverse, some of them resulted from similar breeding programs like;

  • Hardy shrubs

Some roses breeding programs focused on studying hardy shrubs suitable for cold weather. These shrubs are Buck hybrids like Applejack and Prairie princess. Most of them can stand on cold season and resistant to diseases.

  • Meidiland roses

These lovely roses came from France. Most of them are crawling plants and can act as hedges or ground coverings.  They bloom repeatedly and resistant in any kinds of plant diseases.

  • David Austin English roses

These shrubs have the characteristics of the modern roses which is resistant to diseases. The scent and the form of flowers resemble an old rose.  However, although these flowers are beautiful but not all of them are in full bloom and prone to black spot. Most Austin roses produce bigger flowers during the mild winter season.

  • Generosa roses

They are varieties of Austin’s English roses. They are developed by the oldest nursery in France. They are smaller compared to Austin but the same scent and resistant to any disease.

There are lots of shrub rose selections that you need to plant in your home garden that can give you fresh flowers and sweet smelling aromas every morning. Grow them now!

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