Designing your Outdoor Space with a Gorgeous Water Garden

It’s likely you’ve driven past properties with water gardens and enjoyed the beautiful landscaping. After all, burbling, cascading water and the sight of a beautiful pond, fountain, or waterfall can make any back yard prettier, as long as it’s designed tastefully and well. You might have even considered having a water garden built into your own yard until you found out the price. Fortunately, you can do the work on your own water feature and save paying all the labor costs you’d have to pay otherwise. By following a few general directions, you’ll be well on your way to being the envy of anyone who passes your home.

You may be thinking, “But I’m not especially talented that way.” Lots of us aren’t, but developing a water garden is based more on your creative abilities and manual labor than it is on having a resume filled with building skills. If you can garden, you can build an eye-catching water garden in your yard.

Begin by finding out your town’s regulations about where you can locate your water garden. There are most likely regulations governing the placement of your water feature as well as its size and depth. Some towns will have safety rules, such as how deep you can make your pond without needing to fence in the area. You may also need to learn where pipes, wiring, septic system, or other underground utility features are located, because you obviously can’t excavate in those areas.

Choose your location carefully. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you’re free to choose an area where your water garden will be both easy to see and work properly. If you are only going to be growing water plants in and surrounding your pond, it won’t be any problem for you to locate your water garden in full sunlight. However, if you would like to to add fish to the pool, you have to locate it where there will be some shade during the times of the day when it’s hottest.

Actually, the time you invest in planning and shopping will probably take you longer than building the water garden itself. You can begin the project with nothing more than a small pump, a pond liner, and a shovel. As time goes by, and as you are able to afford it, you can add more onto your water feature and make it more complex and fancier so that after awhile you’ll have the water garden you always dreamed of, and you’ll have developed it yourself.

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