DIY Home Decor for Apartments

If you are renting in a small apartment, beautify the whole area to make it look bigger. Do not be reluctant to ask your landlord that you want to decorate his apartment.  You might be shocked that your landlord would gladly love the idea.  The diy home decor for apartments can do all the tricks to make the area bigger.

Most landlords want that the walls must be painted, put some wall decorations, replace the existing window treatments, and light fixtures. Anyway, before you leave the apartment, you must return everything in its original appearance.

Applying a little painting on the wall can make a big difference and can make the atmosphere cool especially if the paint is already old. Applying a new coat of paint can make the small area seem bigger also. The following are the DIY home decor for apartments that you can apply if you are renting. These tips can help you transform the boring and small area in your apt. Here’s how;

  • Brighten the whole area

The most inexpensive way to decorate your apt is the lighting.  This can automatically improve the atmosphere of your rented space. The first thing you need to do is to change the overhead lighting fixture that does not function well. You can replace it with a small chandelier or perhaps any kind of fixtures that you like and suits your style. Add light to every corner because this can make the home more welcome and feel warm. Using lights in every room can make the room glow. However, dimmer lights can control the ambiance and this can be a good idea if the dimmer lights can be applied to the bedroom.

  • Make a little table arrangement

Most apartments have rectangular tables for dining. The spaces in the living room are lined thus making it look like a bowling alley. To treat this problem, you can divide every space into a functional box. A large plant in pot, huge artwork, and book case can successfully divide the space into two parts. Curves can as well take the border off the boxed area. Think of the round tables, chairs, and other kinds of furnishings.

  • Place the bed at the center of the bedroom

When decorating the bedroom of your apt, do not hide the bed. Place it in the center area to make it daring and dramatic.

  • Add exciting style

To create an exciting style in your rented space, add different accessories, artwork, light fixtures, fabrics, mirror, and drapes.  The bold walls can be undressed and dressed with moldings or perhaps you can stick on decals and wallpapers. Those items that stimulate your senses can make a great contribution to make the space more personal.

  • Add energy

Some apartments and lofts have neutral, airy, and light color.  To add some energy to a minimalist and the neutral color bedroom, paint the wall behind the bed with a red paint. This can be an excellent design for homeowners who love red color that can add high energy to the whole area of the room. Even though the red color becomes a center of attraction when you enter the room, but once you lie down in bed, it is already out of your sight.

  • Lighten the whole area with a rug

A beautiful and light rug can make room seem larger especially if you use a remnant carpet. If the apartment has stained carpet, cover that with a new rug in lighter shade.

  • Hang beautiful curtains

You can take off the old and rotten window blinds and replace it with elegant curtains to make your rented space relaxing.  Curtains can add drama and can make the whole area comfortable.  Choose curtains in big prints to make the area seem bigger. If the room of the apartment has no window, you can still hang curtains from ceiling to the floor to add height.

  • Create a balance look

The small space in your apartment can be comfortable when you adorn it with moderate sized furnishings. However, if you want to have a dramatic effect overstuffed the couch in your room. Anyway, make sure everything is in balance.

  • Make a priority

Since small spaces seem very limited, consider your priorities and assign accordingly. Some renters need a desk area but do not want a dining space. However, some people preferred foldable beds in the bedroom to create a bigger space during the day. Make sure you can create a space suited for you and do not stick to the present arrangement. It is your space that you rent and you are the one living in it not your landlord.

Decorating your small rented space is not an issue if you follow the DIY home decor above!

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