Eight Simple Great Energy Saving Home Repairs

For extensive savings, make several few simple changes around the home. Below are the six energy-saving home repairs in the U.S to be followed.

1. Seal sneaky leaks

The electrical outlets found in the exterior part of the home must be sealed. The foam insulating gasket can act as a barrier and condition the stay of air to prevent leakage. Just unscrew the cover outlet, set up the gasket, and change the cover.

2. Install high quality shower heads

Set up high quality shower head that uses one half gallons of water in a minute compared to some shower head that uses 21/2 gallons of water. By installing this, a family could save around $88 per year on energy and water costs. There’s a tendency that you can save around $135 on electric bills according to Federal Energy Management Program.

3. Change bulbs

If all households in the United States will replace the incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs, this can save around $30 per bulb that is replaced. According to Pablo Päster, an engineer in San Francisco, the energy saved on bulb is equivalent to shutting down of one coal power plant.

4. Be cool

Wash clothes in cold water. This can save energy up to 90% compared to washing them from water heating. Use hot water for dirty clothes as advised by the California Energy Commission named Adam Gottlieb. Another simple tip is to match the level of water to the number of clothes or perhaps wait to wash them in full loads. This can save water enormously.

5. Open/Close the window blinds

On hot summer days, leave the blinds down to keep the whole area cool. This idea prevents the sun from entering the home and makes the cooling system work hard to function. During winter season, open the blinds to allow the sun to enter the home.

6. Upgrade the cooling and heating system

To upgrade the cooling and heating system, install a programmable thermostat. This can cost you around fifty to eighty dollars and simple to install. This can also save around $180 per year. If you lower or raise the thermostat for 8 hours per day when you’re not at home or sleeping, you can save 2% on energy.

7. Install solar panels

By installing solar panels on the roof, this will dramatically drop the energy bills. However, in states where the rebates of solar panels are offered, it takes several years to bring back the money. So, it is needed to find out if installing solar panels can really make sense to homes.

8. Plant trees

Planting trees around the house can block sunshine during summer season and can buff the air. According to home-efficiency consultancy in Philadelphia named Charlie Szoradi, it takes several years to harvest the benefits you can get from trees. However, for the first year, two trees will give you savings around $25 in energy. Trees can lower gas in the greenhouse and can absorb carbon dioxide.

Following the above energy saving home repairs, you can help save energy and can help in Mother Nature.

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