Fishing Ponds And Your Vacation

You may find that fishing ponds are among the biggest attractions at a lodge if you decide to take your vacation there rather than at a big hotel in a busy city. For some people, this rustic type of holiday is preferable to a more tourist-oriented sojourn at an over-priced hotel. If you have family members who want at least some amenities, then you may not mind skipping the time you might have spent in the wilds at fishing lakes, if you can find a pleasant lodge with well stocked ponds to fish instead.

These establishments are certainly aware of the appeal of providing fishing ponds among their many attractions. You’ll find lodges that feature these ponds from Tennessee to Colorado, from Oregon to Georgia, and everywhere in between. While the kids perhaps goof off in the swimming pool and other family members play miniature golf or go hiking in the woods, you could be relaxing in a small boat and angling for the types of fish you like to eat. Many lodges even supply all the rods and tackle as part of the vacation package, without extra charge.

Depending on an individual lodge’s “catch and release” policy, you may be able to keep the fish from these fishing ponds, or you might have to throw the fish back immediately. You’d need to check this before booking your vacation, especially if keeping and eating the fish yourself is one of your primary reasons for fishing. Those lodges and resorts that allow people to keep the fish often provide gutting and cleaning areas as well, so residents don’t need to smell up their suites. But good fish management would probably require that you make a record of how many fish you catch, at the very least, so the lodge can restock properly.

Some lodges offer not just their own fishing ponds but also access to nearby lakes or rivers. In these cases, you’d need to inquire about any license requirements involved. Ponds on private property at the lodges themselves wouldn’t require an individual to have a license, but bodies of water outside lodge property are subject to federal regulations. But a well managed lodge with fishing lakes nearby will have experience with this issue. Whatever needs you and your family have, this sort of vacation may provide the answer to all of them.

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