Homes for Sale –Tips to Sell Quickly

Right now, there are a lot of homes for sale available anywhere. However, did you know that before selling your home, you need to be mindful about the date? You can make a list what particular day, you want to sell your home. Lots of real estate agents make multiple listings on Friday. According to the study, homes that are listed on Friday sell quickly due to the closest asking price. This is due to the reason that when you missed a deadline, you have to wait for the next week. That is why, Friday is preferred as the best day to make home for sale listing.

The homes that are listed on Friday, sold for at least 99.1% asking price according to studies. In the previous years, there are at least 500,000 homes being sold in 16 markets. However, when compared to homes that are listed on Sunday, sold only at around 98.4% asking price, which you can say that Sunday is a bad day when it comes to selling homes.

Listing a home for sale on Friday really makes sense. The prime days for the real estate agents are Saturday and Sundays because these are the day days they exhibit homes and mostly, they make many appointments during Friday. Apparently, the newest list is the most appealing.

However, according to Thomas Weddingfeld, “I agree that Friday is a good day to list, but if it goes in the computer too late in the day, then there is a good chance many agents have already put together their tours and yours will be missed by the Friday/Saturday lookers.”

But according to Redfin survey, another good day to list a home for sale is Tuesday. This is due to the fact that the agent’s caravan is often happening on Wednesday. According also to Mark DI Vincenzo, writer of New York Times, Tuesday is the best day to make a home offer. This is because the sellers are worried about they will not get any offer from the weekend home hunters. Mark said the Thursday is better than Friday when doing a listing.

Certainly, all these things depend on many factors that include the balance between the sellers and the buyers. Like in many cities in California, buyers outnumbered the sellers and believe me; you’ll going to sell a house more quickly no matter what day you would prefer to list.

But according to Redfin, the well known online company on real estate brokerage, there are at least 5 tips to best sell a home;

•    Earlier summer listing is better

The best months to list a home for sale is during the month of May and June. You will get more dollars as compared to the listing in the later year. This is because June is already spring season where people, mostly wear shorts and enjoy walking under the sun. The days are longer than nights and this is the best time to hunt for homes after the winter. People can freely stroll looking for their dream homes without getting cold.

•    Do Friday listing

During the Friday, homes are mostly toured by prospect buyers and this means you can sell the homes faster compared to some other days.

•    Hire a professional photographer

Hiring a skilled photographer can help sell your home faster. This is one way to advertise your home. However, make sure that the photographer gets the best shot at a good angle in which could attract prospect buyers.

•    Don’t forget to clean the house

By cleaning the clutter and buying a brand new faucet and door knobs, can truly increase your home value and can attract prospect buyers.

•    Hire a stager

A real estate agent is considered a good stager and willing to work with the buyer. This is the person that can help you view the appearance of the home. The person that you need to reach out when you want to inspect the place and know the condition of the property.

A lot of people think that hiring a stager can be a wasted expense. However, this is not the case. The stager can charge you per hour. It is also practical to hire a stager for at least 2 to 3 hours to decide what is the best paint suited to your walls. Stagger can as well help you declutter, or perhaps decide what kinds of furniture you need to move out to make the room spacious.

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