How Much Does It Cost To Decorate a Home

How much does it cost to decorate a home?  Well, read the whole article! Surveys on remodeling magazine detailed how much you can spend on home decoration project per year including the bathroom and kitchen repair. However, these numbers do not tell the additional costs that make the room a truly finished appearance.

A well decorated home must have built in cabinetry, fully painted, carpeted, have lighting, accessories, and furnishings. Buyers and the sellers who haven’t engaged in decorating a home have no idea how much are the additional costs that sometimes could blow the budget.

To get an initial scheme, below are the opinions from the top home interior designers in different cities in the U.S. These people will share the furnishing costs, challenges, and the advantages. You can also find tips to complete the room decoration.

Living Room

If the living room had contemporary design, however, nested in a traditional house, several openings, and hard to arrange, lots of solutions are available to enhance the look. You need only to have a budget of $10,000-$20,000. This includes purchase of sectional custom made sofa that could provide an anchor to the room. You need to buy also side chairs, area rug, and silk window treatments that visible when entering the lobby. These purchases will last a lifetime and can cut back the accessories. Most designers complete the room in phases like choosing the best upholstery, artwork, rug, and window treatment.

Master Bedroom

The budget for decorating the master bedroom today is around $50,000. But with this idea, you can save at least 50%. You can make the master bedroom into a custom vanity appearance and other floor surfaces and walls by installing marble. The use of polished nickel faucet, beautiful chandelier, high quality moldings, and hand painted wallpaper can also help. With this kind of idea, you can spend less in expenses like installation of inexpensive tile flooring, simpler window treatment, plainer molding, and wallpaper.

Dining Room

For $9,629 only you can enhance the look of the dining room.  To pursue the sophisticated, sleek and contemporary appearance, designer’s advice to challenge the reuse of the shag rug, include pieces of art, and look for side board that will look proportionate to the smaller room. If the table has an existing top glass but wanted to buy a new base, you can only spend around $10,000.

Most designers in the U.S focused on high quality upholstered seat and banquette having a crystal button. The crystal chandelier also creates a focal point. The dining room color must coordinate to the living room to make it an adjacent living.


If the kitchen is in a French country style, you can transform this into a contemporary appearance that would draw the attention of the guests when they enter for only $93,200. The budget is intended for 12 foot square room kitchen. However, the price of up-scaling the kitchen today would cost you $105,000. With this idea, you can spend lesser. The budget is also divided to equipment like counter tops, and custom made wood cabinets. Instead of builder-grade floor tiles, opt for maple plank tile flooring. Paint the walls with pale silver shade to brighten the whole area.

Following the above tips, can help you estimate the cost of decorating a home.

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