How To Close A Real Estate Deal Effectively

Nowadays the real estate scenario has changed drastically in this country. The market has turned from a seller’s market to a market that puts more emphasis on the buyer. Suppose you have house that you want to sell off at a certain price then you will have to list your house among many other, once you visit the listing you will find that there re lots of sellers out there but the amount of buyers is healthy but minuscule.

Although the number of home buyers for real estate is quite high, the number is still small when compared to the total number of people willing to sell off their property.

In this tough scenario you need to do something different in order to catch the attention of the prospective buyer with the impact of your listing and while you hold the buyer’s attention you need to make the deal complete.

Here is a list of five basic things that you can do to “sweeten the pot’ so that the buyer quickly buys off the property.

  1. Offering a decorating allowance: sometimes the buyer might want t refurnish the home, in such a scenario you might help the person out by offering them a certain amount of money after the deal is done. This money can be spent on carpeting, painting the walls etc.

  2. Pre sale inspection: this is an excellent idea to execute, before listing your property you should definitely get an inspection of your house done. By doing a presale inspection you can address certain problems that your house may have before prospective buyers come to visit your place. By doing a pre sale inspection you can actually increase the sale ability of your house, you can even display the report and show the repair work that has been done already to assure the prospective customers that the house is in good condition.

  3. Offer a home warranty: a home warrant is an excellent way to assure the buyer that the property is in its prime and it also provides the reassurance that the new owners will get insurance on certain repair works that may have to be done after some time. Home warranty is pretty affordable and it allows the new buyer to have his peace of mind. This ensures that the buyer closes the deal faster than usual.

  4. Closing costs coverage: sometimes the buyers need a little pushing so that they close the deal fast enough, sometimes the buyers are jus not cure about themselves and they take time top deliberate on the matter. You can offer the buyer to pay the title and escrow fees or the pre paid interest charges. Paying the pits of the loan may also help you earn certain tax deduction for you as well.

  5. Seller financing: there are many options when it comes to seller financing, some of them include putting funds in escrow so that the mortgage payments are covered for the coming months. Make sure that the buyer has good credit before you take such a step.

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