How To Cope With Noise

Noise pollution can cause long-term health problems for some people by causing increased stress and anxiety levels. The government is working with industry officials to reduce noise levels in everyday life through a number of initiatives. Factories and building sites are required to reduce the amount of noise pollution their machines make and new developments let in, and there is acoustic insulation that we can carry out on our own home to reduce excess noise levels. Our lives will be more peaceful even with the smallest amount of acoustic insulation.

What Can We Buy To Reduce Noise?

There are several requirements that acoustic insulation materials must meet. They need to be long lasting with undiminished quality, flame resistant and non-shedding. To be confident that the materials are safe to use in private and public buildings the acoustic material should meet the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2008 (RoHS).

Depending on what is being insulated, you can buy acoustic insulation products for walls, floors, doors and ceilings. They come in all forms from foam, sprays, panels and mats all with different functions. There are products designed for noise absorption, anti-vibration, anti-resonance and sound reflection.

Where is Acoustic Insulation Used?

You can use acoustic insulation products to prevent noise from entering and exiting your house. Hanging acoustically lined curtains can reduce the amount of road noise entering your home. If you like playing loud music or an instrument, but your neighbours don’t, you can line the walls with an acoustic insulator to reduce the amount of noise exiting the room.

Many industries use acoustic insulation for specialist purposes. Recording studios and concert arenas use sound proofing to make the quality of the sound better. The noise created by telephones, computers and other communication devices can be reduced with the use of acoustic insulation.

So you see there are hundreds of ways in which noise can be reduced and you can have a less stressful life.

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