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Most of us who want to invest in real estate and are total amateurs in the field, suffer from a huge dilemma regarding the field in which they want to make their debut. There are basically two different avenues of real estate investing in which you can make a lot of money and make respectable income every year. These two avenues include the rehabbing and the wholesale sector. You can also try renting your real estate and become a property owner.

While wholesaling and rehabbing may provide you wit huge sums of money at irregular intervals, renting the property gives you the opportunity to get a steady source of income. You can actually consider the entire real estate investing market as a triangle and the three avenues mentioned before are at the edge of this triangle. One can consider the wholesaling business as the bottom of this triangle.

Wholesaling is the base of the triangle that assures the investor with a huge amount of money at regular intervals and this method of investing also injects a huge amount of money into the capital of the investor thereby increasing the capacity of the investor. For starter it is ideal to star off with a wholesaling business, since the wholesaling business increases your capital by a great degree and enhances the confidence of the investor.

Wholesaling is also known as flipping the property and it is most certainly the best way to increase the capital of the investor by a great amount within a span of about thirty to forty five days. This is considered as one of the most interesting things about wholesaling real estate.

Once you have earned the list of investors who are going to help you with finance in this project then all you need is to buy a house with a good bargain and then you can get the buyers to pay for the house and sell it off in a cash price. The whole procedure does not take more than 1fifteen to twenty days. Besides who would want to repair properties that are in bad condition, and put them up for sale? Wholesaling properties is the most hassle free way to make the maximum profit within the shortest of times.

This process takes a lesser amount of time than when you sell the property off a buyer who does not pay with cash but needs financing. Suppose the financing will require you to certify it, you may also have to get he appraisal before you can go on with the sale.

The basic fact why people prefer wholesaling rather than rehabbing is that all the time that we spend in repair and maintaining the house, money keeps flowing from your pockets , but when it comes to wholesaling the property all you need to do is find the best way to sell off the property in a smaller amount of time. So, most of the investors opt for the wholesale business.

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