Learn About Keller Williams And Their Quality Realtors

Keller Williams Realty was birthed in 1983 as an international real estate company. Today there are more than over 600 offices located across the U.S. and Canada. The company began franchising in 1991 and after a few years of phenomenal growth and success had became the fourth-largest U.S. residential real estate firm in North America by the year 2006. One of the greatest perks about Keller Williams is its emphasis on training their Realtors. The company has succeeded by treating its associates as partners and shares its knowledge, policy control, and company profits on a system-wide basis.

The following are some key highlights according to Keller Williams, as well as my personal experience.

Structured for Success
The interdependent business model of Keller Williams Realty supports Real Estate Agents and brokers working as a team to maximize results for buyers and sellers. When you hire one of these associates you are often hiring a team of people to help you in your search for a home or the sale of your home.

Why Use a KW associate?
Because Keller Williams Realty has grown from the ground up, the agents have unparalleled knowledge of their local real estate market and a deep appreciation for the community. Buying or selling a home does not have to be a stressful process. The agents are trained to be valuable guides.

What chances does Keller Williams have at becoming the largest real estate franchise in the United States? I think the company has a great chance at doing just this. One of the main reasons I believe this to be true is that the company structure nurtures education and training. A large portion of the company’s profits goes back into educating its Real Estate Agents and helping them become professionals in the real estate world. Most offices have a team leader that schedules and organizes training classes and workshops that give the associates current information and knowledge of real estate trends in the surrounding marketplace. When these classes are paid for by the company it encourages the associates to take advantage of the free resources available to them.

It is possible that you have never heard of Keller Williams. The company’s headquarters is located in Texas, but it has offices throughout the United States and Canada. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can expect to be hearing more about this real estate franchise in the upcoming years. Expect to see more Homes on the market with a Keller Williams sign out front.

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