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For those people who do not have a place to live, the widespread occurrence of the foreclosure has given a temporary alleviation from life on the streets. Squatters have taken over those homes which were left empty because of the foreclosure, and their presence has become a reason of a considerable number of controversies. Today in a major part of areas all over the country there appear to be more vacant homes than there are shelterless people. For an opportunist mind, this situation provides great opportunities to get a roof over a head and even a bit of privacy. A lot of houses are still electrified and have heat turned on, that makes such kind of the foreclosed real estate especially attractive to homeless people who are looking for a roof.

There exists an opinion that in case the homes are not used, then they may provide a transitory safe shelter to those persons who have no other place to go. Also several lending institutions exist which do not mind squatters staying in an empty real estate for the reason that their presence is at times helpful in detering much worse criminal elements from starting to live in a place. For instance, thieves usually take everything that can be sold, particularly copper pipes, that can cause devastation on a house’s property value. In case it seems that somebody is living in a house all the time, this can considerably help to avoid such bad situations taking place.

In accordance with other point of view squatters lessen a house’s property value by damage that they cause to the house for the reason of carelessness or even evil intent, and that squatters only contribute to coming of unsavoury characters to the area. The people who defend this point of view often consider what squatters do to be something criminal and amoral, and believe that squatters should not only be forced out of the vacant real estate, but have to be treated as criminals as well.

There is also an increasing number of people who are squatting in the own houses after the foreclosure. There are a lot of cases when these people simply have nowhere else to go as they lose their homes, because in a lot of areas it is very difficult to get into the rental market. Other people are just taking benefit of a totally overtensed system and of the entire mortgage crash situation. Such illegal residents are well aware that they can put off leaving the real property for the reason that the foreclosure process may last up to a few months.

No matter who is a squatter, being shelterless is a gloom reality for a lot of people, particularly right now when the economy is experiencing a meltdown.

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