Organizing Kids Rooms – 4 Quick Tips To Know

An organized kid’s room can be an advantage to everyone especially in the family. Visualize a clean room where shoes are orderly stored, jackets neatly hung, and toys properly stored. Is it nice to see having this kind of room? Although organizing kids rooms can be time consuming but it is rewarding as well.

Parents won’t yell to kids anymore when they go to school because all are organized. The things are easily seen because the shoes, backpacks, and socks are in its proper places. An organized kid’s bedroom provides many benefits like increasing your free time and can reduce stress. Follow the quick tips below to perfectly organize the kid’s room;

1. Getting started

Start the job by sorting out the things inside the room and decide what are needed to keep, donate or perhaps get rid of. Try to encourage your kid to get involved with the work by letting him informed that his voice is needed in this organizing job. This is to push him to be responsible enough. Take time to allow him to check the clothes, books, and toys. Guide him to decide what is needed to keep and discard. Choose toys from his most favorite to the least. The least favorite toys must be stored in a box and sealed while his favorite one must be displayed for easy access.

2. Arrange the closet

Create a child-friendly closet suited for your kid’s needs. Get rid of heavy duty cabinet doors that are hard to open. Attach a clothing rod at the closet’s bottom so the child can easily access.  Buy clothes hangers that can hold their clothing. Opt for small hangers since these could not stretch out their clothes.  Kids who shared room can also get an advantage from the two rods. Buy two baskets for 2 children sharing the same room. These baskets can be used for storing dirty clothes. If the space of the closet or cabinet is limited, keep only current clothes in the room.

3. Child-friendly storage

Purchase colorful and fun clear storage and plastic bins. Sort out things like toys make a group for each like dolls, cars, wooden and plastic blocks. Designate a bin for each group. Place the bin on the floor or perhaps on the lower level of the cabinet. Give proper storage for the special interest of the child. A large construction truck is too big to put in the storage bin but you can store it under the bed. Display the school papers and artwork by hanging them. School projects can be stored in the file cabinet.

4. Keep the room organized

Maintain and set up an organization routine. Remind the child to keep the bed in proper order after waking up in the morning. Assign also to put the dirty clothes in the basket to avoid clutter. Ask also to return the toys in its proper place after playing. You can also decorate the laundry basket and the storage bins with colorful stickers to attract their attention.

When the room is fully organized, kids feel comfortable and it prevents parents from spending much time cleaning the room.

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