Relate Feng Shui To Your Duvet Cover

China is the home of Feng Shui and the ancient art was created over 3000 years ago. Water is the translation of Shui and Feng is translated as wind, both of which were needed if enough food was to be grown. Modern interior design uses the mysterious art to redress any imbalances in our own lives. Feng Shui should be used in the bedroom, especially in our choice of duvet cover because of its importance with our health and wellbeing. It is where we go to sleep and wake up so it is important for our health throughout the night and as we start the day.

You should focus on your bed above all else as this will be your cocoon of relaxation and healing. Also look at the colours in your bedroom, the walls and any windows or views you have in the room.

In Feng Shui there are two types of colours; Yin and Yang. Yin colours promote relaxation and clam. Alternatively, we can feel passionate and exited about life when looking at Yang colours.

Blue helps us to feel loved, soothed and mentally healed. White is a yin colour which is supposed to make us more self-confident, other yin colour include purple and black. You might be able to improve your career by mixing black with metallic colours.

Yang colours are meant to inspire and energise you and are more pro-active than Yin colours. If you have a career or life goal, orange should help as it promotes organisation, concentration and a sense of purpose. Yellow is more to do with you as a social being, making you friendlier.

So you cans see why it is important to choose the right duvet cover for your personality. Choosing a yang coloured duvet cover will make you feel more energised in the morning and ready to face society. For those of you that have enough energy in the morning and too much on a night time, a blue duvet cover will help you to relax before bed.

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