The Easy Way to Get Free Credit Report

Every year, all Americans are given the right to get their free credit report for any of the 3 main credit bureaus.  However, this free credit report costs around $9.50 as the result of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003.

Luckily, all Americans right now are happy because there are 3 major credit agencies like TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax that provide consumers a free copy of credit report once a year and this comes from the consolidated source. In this case, these people are very delighted and thankful to these 3 agencies and the law because they have given a chance to get their free copy.  The centralized sources are postal address, website, and toll free telephone number.

So, if you’re just a new resident of the US and you want to know exactly where you can get your free credit report, then the information in this article could help you. However, keep in mind that the credit reports will not be sent out automatically. If you want to get the copy of the credit report, you must make a request from one of the following;

  • On the internet

The only source that is authorized in order for you to access your yearly free credit report is to visit the site Be careful when typing the URL because there are opportunistic entrepreneurs who wagered out the URL which have closer spelling. Usually, they sell the credit reports instead of issuing them to you for free. So be careful enough.

  • By telephone

Calling on the phone is also a fast way to get your annual free credit score. Dial this number (877) 322-8228 and you will receive a fast processing. The phone agents are very friendly and they are happy to help you. Phone calling is also best for people who are not Internet-savvy.

  • Through mail

Before requesting the free credit report through mail, you need to fill up the form properly. Then after filling up the form completely, mail to this address: Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA, 30348-5281.

At one time, you can order 3 credit reports or perhaps at different times all through the year depending on your choice. However, be sure to order this from the agency which is centralized. In case you will go straight to the credit reporting agency, you are immediately charged unless you have other criteria that you are qualified for the free report.

The law in the past years didn’t eliminate any other methods in order to get this free credit report. However, for people who are living in Georgia, they are allowed for 2 free credit reports annually. You are entitled for a free credit report if you are presently living in the state and if you’ve been denied for;

•    loan
•    policy insurance
•    job
•    unemployment

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) required all agencies to make the procedure simple and without cluttering advertisements. The agencies are only allowed to gather personal information to process the request.

With the use of online, phone call, and mail, getting your free credit report is easy.

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