Tips On How To Kill Ants And Pests From Your Home

Are you having problems with eradicating carpenter ants? Don’t worry it’s not that difficult a problem to solve.

There is a high probability that you have experienced problems with ants in your house or garden. In fact, with nearly 12,000 ant species roaming nearly every landmass on earth, there are few places ants have not been.

Like many insects, ants are not picky eaters. Most rely heavily on both plants and animals for food; some are especially attracted to sugary and greasy foods. If you want to know all about carpenter ants then this article will help you.

Ants can travel great distances foraging for the colony, making many foods in your home ripe for the taking. Though they normally nest outdoors, ants often enter homes searching for food, exploiting tiny cracks around doors.

Exterminating many breeds of ant is a hard task as they have grown resistant to many of the pesticides available today. Even the best kept homes provide conditions that are very attractive to ants.

Ants perform complex social behaviors and are widely studied for their intriguing communication methods.

Ants notify the rest of the colony in an amazing way (emit pheromones) when they have found food to eat. Ants also use pheromones for self-defense.

Fire ants, the reddish-brown species named for their fiery sting, emit alarm pheromones that signal nest mates to attack and defend their colony by delivering repeated stings to intruding insects, ground-nesting birds and other wildlife.

On humans, fire ant stings typically cause small blisters or pustules, which itch and burn and are prone to infection. Severe reactions can include breathing difficulty, swelling, aggravated skin disorders and sometimes death.

Fire ants are not the only ants that can disrupt health and home.

Some types like Pharaoh ants are likely to infect your foodstuff and result in sickness. On the other hand, Carpenter ants are well known for causing damage to the wooden structures within your house.

According to experts at Orkin, the following tips can help keep ants outdoors:

1) Clean up spilled food and drinks quickly.

2) Rinse drink cans before recycling.

3) Store food in tightly sealed containers.

4) Pick up your pet’s food at night.

5) Don’t feed pets outdoors.

If you want to know more about advanced carpenter ant baits then click here.

Identifying ant species is the first step in dealing with infestations, and homeowners should trust an experienced pest control professional for this difficult but critical process. Every situation is different and you need to know what solution is best suited to solve your particular problem .

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