Why A Home Swap Makes Sense

The number of people doing a home swap for their vacation is increasing all the time. Partly due to the recession and the state of the tourism industry, people are looking for ways to save money and have a different experience during their vacation. Home swapping with another person is one way to do this and a simple search online will give you lots of choices of sites where this is possible.

One benefit that home swaps provide is less money spent on accommodations and food. The average homeowner is likely to be staying in a hotel or motel during a holiday and this can run a minimum of $50 per night in some places, but usually closer to $100 a night; and these are the cheap motels. Accommodations in popular tourist destinations can cost much more, in addition to food costs, as most meals will be eaten in restaurants. If you exchange homes instead, there are no accommodation fees, and you have access to a proper-sized refrigerator as well as a stove and other typical appliances in a kitchen. This will let you save money on meals as well.

A home swap will also let those travelers who tend to avoid touristy places have a more interesting vacation experience. Sometimes the places that only the locals know about are the ones that provide the best holiday experiences. If you’re lucky, the person that you exchange homes with may leave maps, notes and even contact numbers of people who can show you around town. This gives you a similar type of experience to staying somewhere new with friends.

The swapping of homes will also create new relationships. Searching for the right home is somewhat akin to searching for a possible partner. There are many similarities to online dating and home swapping, as both involve profiles that are created and a lot of searching, looking for that right fit. It can be difficult sometimes finding a home that you like in a place where you want to visit, and have both parties’ vacation time sync up. The same can be said for online dating and finding the right match in personalities. Once you find the right home and everything works out, you’ll have this shared experience with someone else. They will have lived in your home, and you in theirs; they will have explored your neighborhood, probably met some of your friends, and vice versa.

There are a lot of positive aspects to doing a home swap. You can save money, meet new people and explore new locations. There is a high percentage of successful home vacation exchange experiences and so you are likely to have a positive experience as well. As long as you don’t have any problems with sharing your home with someone else, and you will enjoy a non-traditional vacation, then this could be the way to go.

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